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Everyone knows that going to the dentist is very important, but they don’t know how often they have to go to the dentist. So “How often should I go to the dentist?” is asked. Key findings say you should go to the dentist every six months. However, studies have shown that people who do not have any problems should go for a check-up once a year, and those with dental problems should go for a check-up every 3-4 months.

Routine Checks

Routine check-ups are very important for several reasons. With routine check-ups, your dentist will check whether your teeth are healthy, clean your teeth and solve problems that you may not have identified as problems.

Our dentists at ABAY DENTAL CENTRE do their patients’ routine checks meticulously and thus prevent many dental problems.

Preventing Problems

For many years, people used to go to the dentist only when there was a problem, but this understanding has now changed. One of the most important areas of dentistry has emerged with preventive medicine and now problems can be resolved before they cause pain or suffering.

All our dentists within ABAY DENTAL CENTRE have received the most modern training and can use advanced medical devices. With regular check-ups, possible dental problems are eliminated by your dentist without pain or suffering.


Proper dental cleaning can solve many problems. Teeth cleaning not only removes stains but also gives you a brighter smile and prevents plaque formation. As it is known, the accumulation of plaque causes tooth decay and gum disease, and in case of teeth are not cleaned, they can turn into tartar.

With its experienced and expert dentists, ABAY DENTAL CENTRE cleans plaque and tartar using special tools and gives you a healthy and white smile.

Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we don’t have to worry about going to the dentist. Most of us worry, to varying degrees, from sitting in the dentist’s chair from time to time.

The instinct to avoid pain is an understandable emotion. But if this instinct is holding you back from your regular dental cleanings and check-ups, it can also harm your oral health in the long term. Therefore, you should overcome your old fears and start going to the dentist. But this time you don’t have to be afraid because the dental exam doesn’t hurt anymore.

Your dentist visits are much more convenient and comfortable at ABAY DENTISTRY. We prevent toothache with dental checks that we perform with the most advanced medical devices.

Yellow teeth are everyone’s nightmare. Sometimes, even though we are very careful, our teeth turn yellow and cloud our smile. Our natural tooth colour is a genetic condition, but it is still possible to make your teeth brighter. For example, crunchy foods protect oral health as they increase saliva production. In addition, consuming dairy products increases the Ph level and provides the minerals that tooth enamel needs.

Professional teeth whitening is the fastest and most effective way to brighten your smile. The specialist dentists at ABAY DENTAL CENTRE offer a teeth whitening procedure that removes stains and brightens your smile by several shades in less than an hour.

Snap (anchored) prosthesis is also known as “precision attachment dental prosthesis”. It is a suitable treatment method for patients who have had tooth loss problems for a long time. Within the scope of the application, the snap prosthesis is fully placed on the palate and thus offers a more practical use. It is preferred for patients who have more missing teeth and cannot use a fixed prosthesis.

ABAY DENTAL CENTRE provides snap prosthesis treatment in line with the interests and needs of its patients. In our clinic, before the snap prosthesis surgery, the patient is examined in detail and the final condition of the teeth is determined. In case of too many missing or decayed teeth, the palate is measured and the prosthesis is prepared. No problems arise since the risk of pain and suffering is low.

Snap prostheses have many advantages. The procedures of all snap prosthesis are performed with these advantages in mind at ABAY DENTAL CENTRE.


  • It is one of the prostheses which has the longest service life.
  • To make, place and the treatment phase are very easy.
  • Pain and soreness are not seen during the treatment.
  • A numbing injection is injected before opening the sockets in the palates, so no pain is felt.
  • It doesn’t cause any damage to the gums and doesn’t bleed.
  • All measurements are taken with care during the dental veneer phase.
  • The treatment takes a short time.


  • Removable parts can be worn over time.
  • Its cost is high.
  • Dental veneer is applied to prepare a socket for the supporting tooth.

A missing tooth can change a person’s entire appearance. That’s why the question “How to cover missing teeth?” is often asked. Tooth loss is usually the result of injury, gum disease, tooth decay, or a genetic condition. It is very easy to cover your missing teeth at ABAY DENTAL CENTRE whatever the reason is.

Dental closing services provided at ABAY DENTAL CENTRE:

  • Dental implants
  • Implant-supported bridge
  • Tooth-supported bridge

You can come to our clinic and have your missing teeth covered with our expert dentist staff and you can smile again to life in a healthy and self-confident way.

The answer to the question “Which is the best tooth veneer?” varies according to the needs of the patient and the result of the examination. The methods used in dental veneers are:

  • Empress dental veneer
  • Laminate Veneer
  • Porcelain dental veneer
  • Zirconium dental veneer

What is Empress Dental Veneer?

Empress dental veneer is a type of veneer used to eliminate problems, especially in anterior teeth. Ceramic is used in its construction and a natural look is aimed. It is generally preferred by people who want an aesthetic smile.

What is Laminate Dental Veneer?

Laminate veneer treatment differs from other methods. Since it is not possible to apply to missing teeth, it can be applied to people who have all teeth. In order to gain an aesthetic appearance, a suitable veneer is performed by considering the mouth and jaw characteristics.

What is Porcelain Dental Veneer?

A porcelain dental veneer is a type of veneer with a metal substructure. It is more affordable than zirconium, but it is not generally preferred because it is not long-lasting.

What is Zirconium Dental Veneer?

A zirconium dental veneer is one of the most preferred veneers due to its aesthetic appearance and gingival friendly. It takes its name from the substructure material and is designed with computer support. Before the application, if there is decay on the teeth, they are cleaned and root canal treatment is performed when necessary. However, two of the most important issues are the dentist’s expertise and the quality of the material to be used by the dentist.

At ABAY DENTAL CENTRE, we offer you the most suitable dental veneer service due to your needs with the highest quality materials and our dentists who are experts in their field.

A perfect smile depends on many things. If you think that your smile is not perfect and the problem is with your teeth, you can be examined at ABAY DENTAL CENTRE and have the perfect smile that you want through our experienced and expert dentists.

The examination and treatment of your teeth are carried out with the utmost care in our clinic. The best service quality is provided by our expert dentists and no slightest cost is spared.

Remember, the cost of a perfect smile is no more than the cost of an unhealthy smile. ABAY DENTAL CENTRE offers its patients a perfect smile with the best quality materials and at a lower cost than other clinics with its expert dentists.

Hard food and water consumption is not recommended within two hours after implant at all. Additionally, very hot, cold, and hard foods, that may cause sensitivity, should be avoided within 24 hours after the implant.

After the time interval to be considered, there is no harm in chewing hard foods with implants. The implant replaces your lost teeth in terms of both appearance and use. It does not feel foreign in the mouth because it has a fixed root. Moreover, the implant allows you to consume even hard foods easily.

At ABAY DENTAL CENTRE, we offer implant treatment according to your needs with our expert dentists and state-of-the-art devices and we prevent you from experiencing a post-implant problem with quality materials.

Teeth can decay under the crowns. The tooth is thoroughly cleaned before the veneer is applied, if there is any damage to the tooth, it is removed. After the veneer is applied, patients think that the restored teeth will never deteriorate after they see that they are natural and perfect. However, it is possible for teeth to decay under the crowns unless attention is paid to a basic dental cleaning.

ABAY DENTAL CENTRE provides support to its patients to maintain the necessary oral hygiene by counselling its patients before and after the veneer treatment. In routine controls, you should listen to your dentist and follow his recommendations for tooth cleaning and crown sensitivity.

Dental implants are not suitable for everyone. Among those who are not suitable for dental implant:

  • Young people who have not completed their bone development
  • People who smoke a lot.
  • People who have previously undergone radiotherapy in the neck and head area.

People who have high blood pressure, diabetes, haemophilia, etc., should talk to their doctor before dental implant.

At ABAY DENTAL CENTRE, various examinations are carried out to determine whether you are suitable for dental implant.

The question “Prosthesis or implant?” is one of the most curious issues of many people who have missing teeth. Both applications aim to compensate for tooth loss. Your specialist dentist will inform you about which method is more suitable for you during the examinations to be made according to your interests and needs.

Our specialist dentists within ABAY DENTAL CENTRE provide professional support to undecided clients in the selection of prosthesis and implants. In addition, there are some differences between prosthesis and implant.

  • Prosthesis treatment may damage other teeth during bridge application.
  • Implant treatment is longer lasting than prosthetic treatment.
  • Implant teeth look like natural teeth.
  • Implant treatment is more useful.
  • Prosthesis and implant treatment prices are close to each other.

All on 4 is also known as the “quadruple implant technique”. The upper or lower set of teeth is replaced with only four implants with this technique. These four implants act as a support mechanism for the placement of a new set of fixed teeth.

This treatment is applied to patients who do not have any disease and have no teeth for implant application. Patients can start using fixed dental prostheses on the day of surgery with a single surgical procedure. The procedure is painless and the recovery time is short.

All-on-4 is a treatment whose long-term usage proven for 5 years in the upper jaw and up to 10 years in the lower jaw.

At ABAY DENTAL CENTRE, All-on-4 service which prevents bone loss, and makes edentulous patients smile in a short time is provided. Its cost is low and its aesthetic results are satisfactory. With our expert dentists, we offer All-on-4 service by keeping the number of session low and high quality, regardless of local or upstate.

A full set dental implant is made to gain a natural and functional appearance through dental implants in edentulous cases.

At ABAY DENTAL CENTRE, the prices of full set dental implants and other treatments are lower than abroad. And also, ABAY DENTAL CENTRE aims to provide the best service with the highest quality materials and operates at a lower cost than other clinics.

Dental veneer prices in Turkey are lower than according to many countries. Turkey is among the countries that offer cost-effective cosmetic dental services. It is possible that you can get dental veneer at local clinics 5-7 times cheaper than American or British clinics.

At ABAY DENTAL CENTRE, dental veneer is made by choosing the most suitable veneer type according to the wishes and needs of our patients, and also offers better options than other clinics financially.

Prosthetic teeth vary according to their intended use. In addition, the most suitable type of prosthesis for the patient is determined by the specialist dentists, taking into account the patient’s jaw and tooth structure, interests and wishes.

Our specialist dentists within ABAY DENTAL CENTRE perform a detailed examination; broken tooth roots, palate and bone protrusions are checked. Then, the lower and upper jaw measurements are taken and the relationship between the lower and upper jaw is examined. Our patients do not feel any pain or suffering during the measurement. The taken impression is transferred to the model and a 3D copy is prepared for the prosthetic teeth. All these procedures are carried out at ABAY DENTAL CENTRE with expert dentists and the highest quality materials.

The question “Can I smoke with veneers?” is a question that many patients ask after dental veneer treatment. Smoking with both natural and veneered teeth can create negative consequences for both your health and your teeth.

Smoking with veneered teeth causes to damage your new teeth and prevents you from using your veneered teeth effectively. Smoking with veneered teeth can turn your teeth yellow and cloud your smile. Tobacco stains may remain on the porcelain and may cause gingival disorders.

That’s why, our specialist dentists at ABAY DENTAL CENTRE provide you detailed information about smoking and tobacco use after dental veneer treatment. Our dental specialists inform our patients about a balanced smoking and dental care that can be done afterwards because smoking a lot with veneers will change the colour of your teeth.

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