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    What is a Gum Shield?

    Gum shield is a dental instrument that protects teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks against sports injuries or teeth-grinding habits. There are two types of gum shields: ready-made gum shields and personalized gum shields. Personalized gum shields protect better than over-the-counter gum shields.


    Who needs a Gum Shield?

    Gum shields are appliances used to protect oral and dental health, usually with the advice of a dentist. The dentist may recommend wearing a gum shield for those with a condition such as:

    • Those who have the habit of grinding their teeth
    • People involved in sports where there is a risk of hitting the ball in the face
    • People who play a sport with a high risk of falling
    • Children


    What are the benefits of wearing a Gum Shield?

    Wearing a gum shield has many benefits for both children and adults.

    • Children and adults, who are interested in sports and frequently practice athletic movements, prevent possible tooth fractures with a gum shield.
    • For people with teeth-grinding habits, wearing a gum shield helps eliminate this habit.
    • Wearing a gum shield in case of any problem prevents nerve damage to the tooth.
    • It prevents tissue damage that may occur in the tongue, lips, gums and cheeks.


    How should Gum Shield care be?

    One of the most important benefits of a gum shield is that it collects bacteria in the mouth. For this reason, the teeth should be cleaned very well before wearing a gum shield. The following applications are sufficient for gum shield care:

    • The gum shield must not be exposed to excessive heat. Because high heat causes it to bend.
    • The gum shield should be ventilated when not in use.
    • For maintenance, the gum shield should be cleaned with cold, soapy water.
    • If you have pets, keep the gum shield out of their reach.


    Where can I buy the gum shield?

    There are two types of gum shields. You can get ready-made gum shields from online stores, pharmacies, or sporting goods stores. However, personalized gum shields are only made by a specialist dentist.

    At ABAY DENTAL CENTER, specialist dentists design personalized gum shields as a result of examinations with patients. In addition, detailed information is given to patients about their care.

    How long can I use the gum shield?

    Gum shields need to be replaced regularly. If it is not renewed regularly, various problems may occur, especially infection. For example, an individual who is in adolescence should give new measurements for the gum shield twice a year and have a new gum shield made since his/her development is still continuing.

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