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    What is a dental crown?

    Dental crowns are caps placed over decayed or damaged teeth. Crowns are used to protect and cover teeth when fillings do not resolve existing dental problems.

    Your teeth can become damaged over time. It can decay, and lose its shape and size. With crowns, your tooth can regain its shape, size, strength, health, and appearance.

    Why do we need a dental crown?

    You may need dental crowns for various reasons. These reasons are as follows:

    • Zayıf
    • To protect a weak tooth (possibly due to decay) from breaking or to hold the weak tooth together if its parts are cracked.
    • Restoring a broken tooth or a severely worn
    • To cover and support a tooth with a large filling and not many teeth.
    • Holding a dental bridge in place.
    • Covering misshapen or severely discolored teeth.
    • Covering a dental implant.
    • Covering a tooth that has had root canal treatment.

    At ABAY DENTAL CENTER, if any dental problems that require a dental crown are detected in the preliminary examination, the necessary operation is carried out by our specialist dentists

    What material are dental crowns made of?

    Dental crowns are made of many different materials. These materials vary according to the needs and wishes of the patient. At dental clinic Antalya, you can find out which material is more suitable for you with our expert dentists and detailed dental examination.

    • Metal
    • Porcelain fused to metal
    • All resin
    • All-ceramic or all-porcelain
    • Pressed ceramic



    Metal is one of the materials used as a dental crown. There are several metals that can be used as dental crowns, namely nickel, chromium, gold, and palladium. Metal crowns are rarely damaged and are the most wear-resistant materials. Metal crowns require only a small amount of your tooth to be extracted. The metallic color is its main drawback, so it is usually a good choice for molars.

    Porcelain Fused to Metal

    Porcelain fused to metal has a more natural tooth color than a metal crown. Sometimes the metal under the porcelain cap of the crown appears as a dark line. The most important disadvantage is that the porcelain part of the crown is broken and the crown wears the teeth opposite in the mouth. Metal dental crowns fused to porcelain are usually a good choice for anterior or posterior teeth.

    All Resin

    All-resin dental crowns are less expensive than other types of crowns. However, they can wear down over time and break more quickly than porcelain fused metal crowns.

    All Ceramic or All Porcelain

    All-ceramic or all-porcelain crowns are types of crown that provide the best natural color match compared to other crown types. It is a more suitable choice for patients with metal allergies. However, it is not as strong as porcelain fused to metal crowns. In addition, all-ceramic or all-porcelain crowns may wear the opposite teeth slightly more than metal or resin crowns. That’s why all-ceramic crowns are a good choice for anterior teeth.


    Pressed Ceramic

    Pressed ceramic crowns have a hard inner core. Pressed ceramic dental crowns replace the metal liner used in the all-ceramic crown-making process. Pressed ceramic crowns last longer than an all-porcelain crown.

    At ABAY DENTAL CENTER, we determine the most suitable dental crown type for you with our experienced dentists through detailed examinations and plan the process with quality medical materials.

    How long do dental crowns last?

    The lifespan of dental crowns, on average, ranges from 5 to 15 years. The lifespan of a crown depends on the amount of “wear and tear” it is exposed to, how well you follow oral hygiene practices and personal oral habits. These habits may include:

    • Grinding or clenching your teeth.
    • Chewing ice
    • Biting your nails
    • Using your teeth to open the packaging.

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