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    What is composite filling?

    Composite fillings are a type of dental filling made from a composite material. Composite fillings can be used to fill gaps in teeth and provide a more natural appearance than other filling types. They can also be used in conjunction with other dental restorations such as crowns, veneers, and dentures. Filling; It is a dental procedure that repairs decayed or damaged tooth structure.

    Composite fillings are typically made of a composite material made of glass ionomer cement and powdered glass. This type of filling is often preferred because it provides better aesthetics than amalgam fillings, also known as “silver” or “mercury” fillings.


    How can composite fillings save your teeth?

    Composite fillings are made of tooth-colored material that can be used to fill cavities, cover stains, and discolorations, and strengthen teeth. Therefore, it is a great alternative for people who want to preserve their natural teeth. In addition, it can be said that it is healthier than traditional silver fillings as they do not contain harmful mercury to the environment. The advantages of composite fillings are:

    • They are easier to place.
    • It is stronger than amalgam fillings.
    • It can be polished if desired.
    • It is much more aesthetic than silver amalgam fillings.

    What do you need to know about dental fillings and tooth decay?

    Dental fillings are used to fill the cavities created by tooth decay. It is usually made of a metal called “amalgam” and a plastic resin. The filling is shaped to fit the size and shape of the cavity. A dental filling is an artificial procedure placed in a tooth to restore its function and appearance.

    The dentist cleans all surfaces that may prevent the filling material from being placed in the cavity. This procedure involves cleaning any debris inside or outside the tooth before applying local anesthetic or other numbing agents so that the patient does not feel any discomfort. The appropriate amount of dental material is then mixed before carefully placing it on the tooth. There is no need for a second dentist visit after a well-sealed filling. Well-sealed fillings last as long as natural teeth, meaning you can brush and floss them just like your own teeth.


    What are the advantages of composite fillings?

    Composite fillings have some advantages over other filling types.

    • Composite teeth are almost invisible as they are color-matched to natural teeth.
    • Fillings are difficult to loosen because composite fillings adhere so strongly to tooth enamel.
    • Since the composite is not affected by temperature, it does not shrink or expand.
    • It covers some superficial defects in the tooth.
    • It can fill small spaces between front or back teeth.


    How can you schedule an appointment with your dentist for composite fillings?

    Composite fillings can be used to replace damaged tooth structure. They are made from a mixture of composite resin and a filler, typically glass or quartz. Making an appointment with your dentist is one of the most important things when you need composite fillings. Just call or email the office and ask what days they work. ABAY DENTAL CENTER offers you a convenient timetable and appointment if you call.

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