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    What is the All On Four treatment?

    All On Four treatment is a revolutionary procedure applied to restore full mouth function of patients with multiple missing teeth. It is an approach recommended by dentists at ABAY DENTAL CENTER for patients who cannot fulfill basic oral functions such as chewing and plucking due to missing teeth and who do not find the appearance of their teeth aesthetic.

    Although dentures are still a very common solution to the problem of missing teeth, many patients cannot use dentures for various reasons. The fact that the adhesives in the dentures loosen over time and sometimes damage the gums can limit the use of dentures. In addition, some of our patients may be worried that the glue of their dentures will come off and they cannot eat some of their favorite foods due to this fear.


    What are the advantages of All On Four?

    • The process is short. Patients can achieve the full-functioning oral health and aesthetic smile they want in a short time.
    • It provides an aesthetic appearance. Patients who are not satisfied with their smile can have smile aesthetics with All On Four.
    • It provides a good appearance. Patients who have new teeth after All On Four have a better appearance and can solve the self-confidence problem caused by physical reasons.
    • It restores oral health. After this treatment, patients can eat the foods they want and regain their gum health.
    • All On Four is a long-lasting operation. With this treatment, patients achieve a long-lasting smile.
    • Missing teeth cause not only aesthetic problems but also physical problems. All On Four treatment eliminates possible health problems caused by missing teeth.
    • It facilitates the care of teeth. At Antalya Dental Clinic, our specialist dentists provide information about oral and dental health after All On Four treatment.


    Who is the All On Four dental implant suitable for?

    All On Four dental implant is suitable for people who have lost most or all of their teeth or who are already wearing dentures. As long as the patient is in good health, there is no upper age limit for All On Four dental implants.

    How are All On Four dental implants different from dentures?

    All On Four dental implants differ from dentures as they are a permanent solution for missing or damaged teeth. All On Four dental implants are fixed directly to your jaw so they look just like natural teeth. In terms of function, it is no different from natural teeth.


    What is the All On Six treatment?

    The All On Six dental implant is based on the same concept as the All On Four technique, but instead of four, six implants are used that are placed in the areas of the mouth with the highest bone volume.

    All On Six treatment is a type of treatment designed for patients with adequate bone structure. It is also seen as a better alternative to traditional implants as it increases bone potential.


    What are the benefits of the All On Six dental implant?

    Recovery time is short.

    It is easy to maintain and clean.

    Fixed prosthesis.

    The results are long-term.

    It restores basic mouth functions such as chewing and plucking.

    It offers a natural and renewed smile.

    It helps to eliminate low self-esteem related to physical appearance.

    Helps maintain oral health.

    At ABAY DENTAL CENTER, our specialist dentists inform patients about the All On Six treatment and the possible process schedule.


    Who should have the All On Six dental implant?

    All On Six dental implant is generally recommended for patients who are missing all of their arch teeth. In addition, it is suitable for people who have partial tooth loss and want to replace all of their existing arch teeth. All On Six provides longer-lasting and more stable results than traditional dentures.

    What is the difference between All On Four and All On Six?

    The biggest difference between All On Four and All On Six is that two extra implants are utilized in the All On Six procedure.

    • All On Six offers the patient more strength and stability.
    • With All On Six, pressure is evenly distributed in the mouth.
    • Many of our patients state that they have a more comfortable and longer-lasting smile with All On Six.

    How long does All On Six dental implant procedure take? How much does it cost?

    All On Six dental implants can be made in one day. Although it varies from patient to patient, it usually takes between 2-4 hours. Since it is a procedure that can be done in a single day, patients have the healthy and beautiful smile they want on the same day.

    Our specialists and experienced dentists at ABAY DENTAL CENTER can determine your dental problems and implant types suitable for you, thanks to state-of-the-art medical devices. In this way, a personalized calendar is created.

    Dental procedures in Türkiye are much cheaper than in other countries. ABAY DENTAL CENTER, on the other hand, offers you a better quality and less costly budget than other clinics when you come to our clinic for an examination. Although the budget varies from patient to patient, it usually includes cone beam CT scanning, All On Six sets, and all preoperative examinations.

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