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    What is Laminate Veneers?

    Laminate veneers is a technique that allows individuals to permanently change the color and shape of their teeth. This type of veneer is suitable for the patient’s natural teeth and gum colors. It also provides a natural smile to the patient and is made of thin, shiny, and smooth porcelain.

    At ABAY DENTAL CENTER, laminates are prepared in a laboratory environment using state-of-the-art medical devices and subsequently adhered to the front surface of the tooth by our specialist dentists.

    When are laminated veneers used?

    • For lengthening and, if necessary, reshaping teeth
    • To treat broken or cracked teeth
    • For patients whose teeth are discolored, who do not like the color of their teeth, and who want whiter teeth
    • For individuals who want to change their smile with aesthetic concerns
    • Laminate veneers can be used as an alternative treatment for slightly crooked teeth.


    How many times should I go to the dentist for porcelain veneers?

    The porcelain veneer process takes at least two sessions. Exactly how long it will take depends on the patient’s dental condition and the number of veneers to be prepared.

    At ABAY DENTAL CENTER, our specialists and experienced dentists examine our patients in detail before veneering and make determinations for possible dental diseases. The exact number of sessions is determined by the calendar to be made after the examinations. If the patient needs any gingival aesthetics, priority is given to gingival treatment. The lamination process is performed after the gingival treatment.

    Will I feel pain while undergoing laminate veneer treatment?

    No pain or pain is felt during the laminate coating treatment. However, our specialist dentists at ABAY DENTAL CENTER apply local anesthesia in order to eliminate the possibility of possible pain in some sensitive cases. After the first session, temporary laminates are adhered until the permanent veneers are placed. Thus, the problem of tooth sensitivity is prevented and no aesthetic problems occur.

    What does the laminated coating process look like?

    In the first session of the laminate veneer, the tooth surface is prepared in such a way that the laminates are adhered. For this reason, measurements are taken by moving away from the surface by 0.3-1 mm.

    By using the measure taken, very thin porcelain laminates are created in color and form suitable for a natural and beautiful smile. These laminates are then adhered with a special adhesive suitable for the patient’s tooth color.

    What are the advantages of laminated coatings?

    • Only a small amount of material is used to install laminated veneers.
    • It does not cause shrinkage in the patient’s teeth.
    • Laminate colors do not change due to food and beverages (tea, coffee, wine, cigarettes, etc.).
    • Since there is no metal in laminated veneers, it does not cause graying of the gums.
    • Due to their translucency and thinness, laminates allow sunlight to pass through, thus making the teeth look natural.


    What should I pay attention to after having laminate veneer?

    Laminate veneers are like a natural part of your teeth. Therefore, continuing the basic oral and dental care for natural teeth is recommended by our specialist dentists at ABAY DENTAL CENTER. In addition, after the laminate coating, you should avoid hard foods with your front teeth and give up habits such as nail biting and teeth grinding. These harmful habits are dangerous not only for the laminates but also for your natural teeth.

    To whom cannot laminate veneer be applied?

    • Those with gingival insufficiency
    • People with advanced fluorosis
    • People whose lower jaw and upper jaw do not synchronize (lower jaw forward)
    • Those who have a harmful habit that constantly damages the teeth

    At ABAY DENTAL CENTER, our experienced dentists inform patients with a detailed examination of whether it is suitable for laminate veneers.

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