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    What is Root Canal Treatment?

    Root canal treatment is an operation to remove the diseased tissue inside the root of the tooth. The most common cause of this process is when an area of the tooth is infected. Root canals are usually made into teeth that have been damaged by decay, injury, or infection. If a tooth breaks or cracks, it may need a root canal to save it from further damage and infection.

    What is the process of Root Canal Treatment?

    Root canal treatment is performed to save a tooth from infection. The process involves removing infected tissues from the root canals of the tooth and then cleaning, shaping, and filling them with dental materials. Root canal treatment is not an easy procedure, but it is definitely worth it if you want to save your teeth. The diagnosis may not be made accurately by the patient himself, so you should consult a specialist dentist to be sure. Root canal treatment should definitely be carried out by a dentist.


    What are the risks of not having root canal treatment?

    Root canal treatment is a very common dental procedure. The diseased pulp of the tooth must be removed, the root canal system must be cleaned and disinfected, and then filled with filling material. There are some risks of not having root canal treatment.

    • Chronic pain: The most common is chronic pain in the tooth or untreated teeth. This may be due to nerve damage or infection.
    • Abscess: Another risk of not being treated is that it can lead to the formation of an abscess in the mouth and lead to serious health problems such as sepsis and death if left untreated for a very long time.

    The risks of not having root canal treatment are very high and if you suspect any dental problem, you should make an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible and take care of your teeth. Tooth root canals are small holes made in the jawbone by the dentist; The dentist cleans and disinfects the inside of the tooth with an antiseptic solution and removes the tissue inside the tooth. Following this, a filling is placed to close the hole.


    What are the benefits of regular root canal treatments?

    Regular root canal treatments are a must for your basic oral and dental health. The root canal system is cleaned and filled with root canal treatment. In recent years, new techniques have been created to make root canal treatment more comfortable for patients. The most common cause of root canal pain is the loosening of the root canal filler during the procedure and/or pinching of the toothbrush bristles in the nerve.

    • Root canal treatment is a painless procedure.
    • Improves basic oral and dental health.
    • With root canal treatment, tooth loss is prevented.
    • Infection of neighboring teeth where root canal treatment is performed is prevented.
    • Dental aesthetics is provided.
    • Strengthens the jawbone.


    What is the cost of root canal treatment?

    Dental health is an important part of our lives. It is not just about avoiding tooth decay and other oral problems, it’s also about maintaining a healthy smile. One of the most common dental procedures is root canal treatment, which involves removing all infected tissue inside the tooth and replacing it with filling material. Root canal treatment costs vary from country to country, but since Turkey is one of the leading countries in health tourism, especially dental costs are more suitable for patient budgets than other countries.

    After a detailed examination by our specialist dentists at ABAY DENTAL CENTER, you can get information about the cost of root canal treatment and other procedures in the relevant units.

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