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Est. time: 1 Day

The implant is simply a biocompatible titanium screw placed in the jawbone. (don’t let that scare you)...

Smile Design

Est. time: 7 Days

In the smile design, the teeth that appear in the mouth of the patient when he smiles are photographed and designed with a special method...

Dental Crown

Est. time: 7 Days

The purpose of dental crowns is to remove damaged, decayed, weakened and discolored/shapless teeth.

Laminate Veneer

Est. time: 7 Days

Laminate veneers is a new form of aesthetic crowns that are made with a minimal abrasion method on the teeth without much tissue loss...

Tooth Gum

Est. time: 2 Days

This treatment is carried out by our specialist doctors who are experts in their field in our clinic. These doctors are especially specialised...

Graft & Sinus Lifting

Est. time: 2 Days

This is a technique that we apply in our patients who will receive implants, if there is not enough bone distance and thickness...

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