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This is a technique that we apply in our patients who will receive implants, if there is not enough bone distance and thickness.

In other words, it is a kind of artificial bone formation method.

We need a minimum distance of 4 mm in thickness and length in the area where we will implant.

If this distance does not exist, the name of the graft we add by thickening it in the horizontal direction is called “augmentation”.

When the lack of teeth in the upper jaws does not last for a long time, the empty air sac, which we call the sinus, droops and the bone decreases. In this way, the bone powder addition process that we extend vertically in the area of  the sinuses is called sinus lifting.

In our clinic The grafts of the world-famous Straumann group, which has successfully passed all FDI tests, are used in this type of grafting procedure applied.

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